students1Our number one goal, first and foremost, is always to provide the safest transportation possible for the children who ride our buses. All the individuals in our company who strive to bring service to your children harmonize together in a single tune of safety, above all else.

Not only do we provide extensive safety training for drivers and employees, we teach our students to avoid the dangers that waiting for, getting on, and leaving the bus can sometimes present. Our student-management training is designed to create an environment where distractions for the driver are minimized, and students do not harass each other during their trip.

For us, the standard national and state specifications, which ensure that the school bus has exceptional features for passenger safety, aren’t enough. We complement these with added components that exceed national and state requirements. The result is a vehicle that goes beyond the norm to ensure the safety of our passengers. We don’t take student transportation lightly, and we don’t work with people who do. It’s that simple.